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Pataka is Sunil's vision of a cuisine with a burst of Indian flavours offering dining experience to satisfy all aspects of fine service in a vibrant, trendsetting and contemporary ambience assembled by a talented team Payal Khanna, celebrated restaurant and hospitality designer and culinarian Milan Gupta, chef, food and Beverage expert.

Determined to write his own story, He left his home and land on a journey to explore the world, with a mind filled with memories of jubilant festivals, grandma's stories, mom's delicacies, lush green coffee plantations on the hilly slopes of `Coorg`, street food of Bangalore and Mumbai and a pocket full of Indian spices. His spice route led him to Sweden. It is time for Stockholm to experience the burst of flavours of the Indian plate. Sharing personal food stories from memories and recapturing the joyful moments together with friends and family.

What is Pataka

An Indian word for a fire cracker to celebrate festival of lights, "Diwali". As an expert would say, to get the right bang, one must use the correct measure of all the elements to realise the true potential.
Pataka represents a modern take on the deep rooted, diverse traditions myriads of regional cuisines and vibrant folk art from the only surviving ancient civilizations' of the world.

The Cuisine

The food and beverage menus present a plethora of aromas and flavours from the length and breadth of the sub-continent of India. The Pataka kitchen's cooking style involves authentic ingredients, special utensils, traditional pots and techniques developed through tradition and practice of the art. There is a conscious and deliberate attempt to not only present the popular or "cult" dishes but also to showcase what is rare.


The Culinarists of Pataka, “the three men” come from the highlands of Uttarakhand also called the land of the Gods, a land that has produced the best soldiers and chefs. It is not a surprise as you see the commonality in the character- Commitment, Endurance, Sacrifice Discipline.

The “Little big man”

Chef Puran Singh

A rare Culinarist who is born with a talent and touch that make all his creations a gourmand's delight, every single time. A chef with a conscience & humble honesty in his core on which he adorns the jacket of painstaking penchant for authenticity, 'no short-cuts' approach and a fetish for hygiene. A natural leader who leads from the front.

The “Marathoner”

Chef Sunil Panwar

is the silent bulwark who holds up the rear. Trained as a 'Tandooria'- an expert in the traditional art of cooking breads and kebabs on the red heat of charcoal fire at 350° C, he is picture of calmess and endurance at work. His strength lies in his planning well before the storm that ensures the teams flawless performance, come show time.

The “X-factor”

Chef Harshmani Joshi

With stars in his eyes and a keen mind that is forever learning, Joshi, akin to his name, is a bundle of energy and adds the cutting edge of creativity to the team. His all-round abilities make him the prodigy who will be the key to the growth of the brand and its next big steps.

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What is Pataka
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